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Igor King

Hi there, I’m Igor King (yep, it’s my actual surname). I’ve been in the real estate business since 2017. Our small team is based in Tallinn. Also we deal in new properties along the coast of Spain, including Marbella (Puerto Banus, Estepona) and Alicante (Benidorm). I am aware that Marbella is a popular choice among Europeans and particularly appeals to Estonians. If you’re considering buying a property there, hold your horses – I’ve got a lot of surprises for you!

Since 2022, I’ve shifted my focus to the UAE, specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The point is that these 2 vibrant cities greatly outperform all of the above-mentioned. When talking to people from Estonia and other European countries, I’ve noticed a lack of accurate knowledge about the UAE, often replaced by misleading rumors.

So I decided to make a presentation highlighting the pros and cons of living in Dubai. It will appeal to: 1- Those who are contemplating relocation or buying a ‘holiday home’ but are NOT SURE about the location; 2- Investors looking to diversify their rental property portfolio; 3- Investors aiming for a lucrative annual return on their investments by reselling a property under construction.


And I'll take care of the rest


Why Dubai


Experience the benefits of very low taxes, and in many cases, none at all (for example, there is no personal income tax). It is fully official and complies with the law.

Reasonable Cost of Living

Overall, living expenses in Dubai are not higher than in Europe. Fuel, certain groceries, and services are even more affordable than in Estonia.


You can obtain local residency by investing in real estate starting from AED 750,000 (€182,000). It opens doors to a range of opportunities such as living, inviting relatives, studying, working, getting insurance, opening bank accounts, buying cars, and much more.


You can transfer cryptocurrency directly to the real estate developer's account in exchange for an apartment.

Real Estate Pricing

You can buy an apartment under construction directly from the developer at prices more affordable than, say, in Tallinn and much cheaper than in old European metropolises.


Dubai and Abu Dhabi rank among the Top 10 safest cities globally.


You can buy a property for yourself and rent it monthly or long term, all while enjoying tax-free income.


Secure your child's future with the proper development and environment offered by prestigious international kindergartens, schools, and universities, all within Dubai's cityscape.

Installment Plan

You don't need the full amount right away. Get started with only 20-24% upfront, and pay the rest gradually over the years as your property is being built. The transaction can be done digitally, eliminating the need for on-site presence.

Own an Apartment with a 40% Down Payment

Some developers offer extended post-handover payment plans. For instance, you can pay 40%, get the keys, and then pay 1% monthly for the next 60 months. Essentially, your tenant covers the remaining amount, and over time your apartment will be fully paid off.

Rental Returns

The average rental yield is 7-15% per annum.


-Unlock high return potential through reselling properties under construction, with expected return from 20-50% annually. In certain cases, annual yields may reach up to 100%.
-Benefit from additional advantages when buying in bulk (3 apartments or more). You need to invest only 35-45% before resale, meaning you don't need to have the full amount to get a return on the full property value.

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